The Asus Chrombit Is Finally Here! Get The New Computer On A Stick Today!

Asus finally has the new Chromebit, or Chromestick, as I like to call it. They annouced it earlier this year but were a little late with the delivery. But if you ask me, it was completely worth it. This Chromebit already has great review all over and I’m currently waiting to get mine in the mail to test it out.

I really don’t need a Chromestick since I already have a Chromebox next to my TV but I just couldn’t resist trying it out. Plus, when I get my 2nd TV, spending $85 on a Chromebit is a lot better than $160 on another Chromebox.

I use Chrome OS as an alternative to my Smart TV apps. It’s nice having those apps there but there are some free movie sites I like to use that don’t have any apps. Plus this way I can also browse around a bit from the comfort of my couch. I plan on using a Logitech Wireless Keyboard with a built-in trackpad so I don’t need to worry about a mouse.

I’ll definitely post a full review after I use it for a while but you shouldn’t wait for that. Just got ahead a drop $85 on one and give it a try, I’m sure you’ve spent more money on stupider things before.

Buy the Asus Chromebit here.

Posted DEC 13TH 2015

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