How To Pin and Unpin Apps To The Chrome OS Shelf

When you first got your Chomebook or Chromebox, you probably only had two items on your Chrome OS shelf (or Taskbar, for you Windows folks), a “Search” icon and the Chrome icon. Some also had the Gmail and Calender icons there too. That’s more than enough to get you started but to really increase your productivity and speed, you want to have most used apps directly on your shelf and ready to go. There are a few ways to do this and I’ll go over the two easiest ones.

First, hit the “Search” key (or “Windows” key if you’re using a standard windows keyboard):

From here you have two options. You can 1) search for the desired app or 2) click on “All Apps” and find your app on one of the pages. Once you find it, simply right click(or two finger tap if you’re on a Chromebook) and select “Pin to shelf”.

Option 1

Options 2

You can now see the icon on your shelf. It will stay there permanently until you remove it or reset the device

To remove it from your shelf, simply right click and select “Unpin”. This will remove the icon front the shelf.

Posted OCT 27TH 2015

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