How To Install GalliumOS On Chromebook with USB or SD(full Chrome OS replacement)

If you want to fully remove Chome OS and replace it with GalliumOS, it’s best to use the USB or SD card method. If you want to partition and dual boot, you should use the command line chrx method.

Don’t forget, it’s not easy to go reverse the install and you warranty will be voided. There will be no support from Google once you do this. If you mess this up or brick your device, you’ll have to use the internet to figure out how to fix it since you will no longer have any warranty.

Firmware Flashing You may need to flash your firmware. This depends on whether your device came with Seabios (Legacy Boot) or not. See and more information.

  1. Find your device on the list to learn how to enable Developer Mode on it.
  2. Download a Gallium OS release or nightly ISO from their build site.
  3. Write ISO to your removable USB or SD media using dd or Rufus
    1. dd on Linux or Mac OSX
      1. From Linux or ChromeOS: sudo dd if=galliumos.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1Mwhere galliumos.iso is the iso file you downloaded and/dev/sdb is the USB/SD device you want to write it to
      2. From Mac OSX: sudo dd if=galliumos.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1m
    2. Rufus on Windows
      1. li Select the GalliumOS iso, the USB/SD drive you want to use, and then click start.
  4. Insert USB or SD media into your Chromebook or Chomebox
  5. Reboot your Chromebook and press CTRL+L at the white “OS verification is OFF” screen
  6. Follow GalliumOS installer to complete your installation.

Posted NOV 13TH 2015

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