How to get images from a Google Docs Document

Getting images out of a Google Docs document can be tricky because Google doesn’t allow you to simply download the image from within the document, all it allows you to do is add a hyperlink to the image, edit the image, replace the image, and remove the image.

This oversight by Google can be incredibly frustrating, when all you want to do is download a picture from a document, it shouldn’t be that hard. Luckily there are two ways to extract an image from Google Docs.

Method 1

The first way to get an image from Google Docs is to publish the document as a web page, open that document’s new web page, and right click the image to download it, just as you would any other image on the internet. Go to File, publish to the web, then hit publish, and click OK. Now you should have a popup with a link to your now published page. Copy that link, go to it, and you should see your entire document as a webpage now. Simply right click on the image to save as, and download it to your desktop.

Now that you have your image, you probably want to stop publishing your document to the web. Simply go back to your Google Doc document and clicke File, publish to the web, and in the popup you should see an option to “Stop publishing to the web”.

Method 2

The second method for getting images from Google Docs is to simply download the entire file to your computer as a Word File, PDF, or HTML file. Then open the file on your computer, find the image, and save it. If you downloaded it as an HTML file, simply open the folder structure and look for a folder named “images”. Somewhere in that folder should be the image you want, simply copy that image to wherever you need to on your desktop.

Getting images from Google Docs

Hopefully Google simply adds a feature to download images in the future, instead of requiring users to find complicated work arounds for something so trivial.

Posted APR 6TH 2016

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