How To Dual Boot GalliumOS Install On Your ChomeOS Chromebook or Chromebox Via chrx

When you install GalliumOS from the command line via chrx, you will get a dual boot machine with both Gallium OS and Chrome OS.

Remember that chrx doesn’t work with all models so be sure to check yours at the hardware compatibility list.

  1. Find your model on the list and select it to see how to enable Developer Mode.
    • Caution: Modifications you make to the system are not supported by Google, may cause hardware, software or security issues and may void warranty.
  2. Reboot your Chromebook and pressCTRL+D at the white “OS verification is OFF” screen
  3. Set up your WiFi or plug in an ethernet cable directly if your model supports it.
  4. Press CTRL+ALT+F2 to get a virtual terminal, then log in as user chronoswith no password
  5. Run chrx with curl -O && sh go -d galliumos (see for more options and tips)
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to repartition your SSD and to install GalliumOS on your Chromebook.

Installing via chrx is compatible with the following models:

Acer C720PEPPYBest-tested
Google PixelLINK
Google Pixel 2SAMUS
Toshiba CB30/CB35 ChromebookLEON
Acer Chromebook 11 C740PAINEUntested but hopeful,feedbackrequested!
Acer Chromebook 15 C910YUNAUntested but hopeful,feedbackrequested!
Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571YUNAUntested but hopeful,feedbackrequested!
Dell 11WOLFUntested but hopeful,feedbackrequested!
HP Chromebook 11SPRING, SKATEUntested but hopeful,feedbackrequested!
HP Chromebook 14FALCOUntested but hopeful,feedbackrequested!
Other Haswell ChromebooksShould work but might require additional config tweaks
Other Broadwell ChromebooksDepends on SeaBIOS Legacy Boot availability
Other Intel ChromebooksDepends on SeaBIOS Legacy Boot availability
ARM ChromebooksARM support is very unlikely

Posted NOV 13TH 2015

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