How To Control Your Android Phone From Chrome OS With Vysor

Have you ever left your phone on the charger and then wished you could just control it from your Chromebook instead picking it up? Well, thanks to Vysor, now you can! The touchpad and keyboard works great with the app, and they’re currently trying to work out swiping and multitouch. The app is in Beta but it’s easy enough to use even for inexperienced users.

Here is hot Reddit user /u/NSuknyarov got it to work:

Note: Root is NOT required for the android device and developer mode is also not required for ChromeOS.

This app has may useful feature for casual users, as well as professional developers. Developers now don’t need to run an emulator since Vysor gives you the integration and ease of an emulator on a physical device. Plus it give you a real world test on how the app will actually work on the physical phone instead of an App on your computer.

So whether you’re just a casual lazy person who doesn’t want to use two devices at once, or a full on developer, this app can be useful for you. Go ahead and give it a try, just don’t forget it’s still in Beta so they’re working their quirks out still.


Vysor Website

Reddit user /u/NSuknyarov

Posted DEC 14TH 2015

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