How To Get Android Notifications On Your Chome Book With Pushbullet

Unfortunately Chrome does not have any Android integration built in yet. There are rumors that they will come out with a system similar to Apple with their iPhone and Mac, but as of right now, there’s nothing. The good thing is that there are great 3rd party options

Pushbullet– Connects your devices so you can easily share notifications, links, pictures, videos, and other files.

I like Pushbullet because it doesn’t only do notifications but can send other files and data. No more needing to find your USB cable and plugging in just to transfer some pictures or files. Now all you have to do is make a few clicks (or taps), and the files are sent.

The notification sync is nice too because I don’t always have my phone on me. Just follow the super easy direction on the Pushbullet site and you’ll be up and running in no time. The interface is very user friendly and I was able to set it up and do some test messages within minutes without reading any instructions. They will guide you through the setup quickly and easily.

The closest thing Google has right now is Chrome to Mobile. It sends web pages to your Android phone directly from your computer. But it doesn’t have the easy file transfer that Pushbullet has, or the notifications, or the messaging system. Chrome is really falling behind with this so hopefully they will get their act together and give us this feature.

And for all you iPhone users, I have good news. Pushbullet also has an App in the App store. They’re still working on the notification system but all the messaging, pictures, and file transfers work perfectly. Chrome probably will never have built in iPhone support but Google has enough Apps that it shouldn’t matter that much.

Posted JAN 25TH 2016

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