GalliumOS For ChromeOS Is Finally Here! Beta 1 Is Ready To Install

GalliumOS is a Linux based operating system built on top of Xubuntu that is designed for speed and performance on Chome OS. The goal is to outperform ChomeOS using existing hardware and modified software. The Beta 1 version was just released and is ready for install on compatible Chomebook and Chromebox devices. For a full list of compatible Chromebook and Chromeboxes, Click Here.

If you want to download and try it for yourself, visit the Download Page. Just remember, this is a Beta testing version. That means it will have issues and kinks to fix. They will be using user feedback to make the software better and you will see improvements with each update. So if you’re fine with occasional glitches and issues, go ahead a give it a try, you might like Gallium OS more than ChromeOS. Builds are updated nightly and you can find the latest succesful nightly build here.

GitHub has been tracking known issues in real time. You can post the problem you’re having or search other problems since you’re probably not the first one. People are usually very helpful and will work with you to resolve your issues. Issues are posted and ranked by priorities and issue labels. To view all current and past issues, visit GitHub here.

Discussion happens on IRC Freenode #galliumos.

And finally, Reddit user forums can be found at /r/GalliumOS/

So as you can see, there is no shortage of users and support for Gallium OS. Go ahead and give it a try, especially if you have an extra Chomebook or Chromebox that you’re not using. You might find that you really like it and you get to influence and be a part of something new for Chome OS.

If you don’t want to mess with your current device, try an Acer C720. It’s one of the most compatible devices for GalliumOS.

Posted NOV 12TH 2015

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