Good News, Google Says Chrome OS Isn’t Going Anywhere.

According to a post by the Google Chrome Team, Chrome OS is here to stay. There were crazy rumors and speculation flying around the past couple days since WSJ reported that Chrome OS and Android are merging. People were going crazy all over on Reddit, Facebook, and pretty much every comment section of every news site that reported on it.

Some people loved the idea and thought that it was the best thing every. They were convinced that Google was going to make the perfect operating system and it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Others, on the other hand, hated it and were even talking about getting rid of their Chromebook or Chrome Box. They thought that Chrome OS would become very slow and unresponsive due to applications that were running on their own, outside of the Chome browser. Who was right? I guess we’ll never know.

We will continue to enjoy Chrome OS as we know it today on all of our Chrome Books and Chromeboxes. Google will continue to develop new apps and extensions and continue to improve the system for school, personal, and business use. I personally wasn’t too worried about the rumors. Google isn’t stupid and they wouldn’t make such a huge change if they thought it could harm the Chomebook or Chromebox market. Chromebooks are booming in the education fields and Chromebook has been the most sold laptop in the past two years. Chromebox is probably not too far behind in the compact personal computer category.

Posted NOV 5TH 2015

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