Best Cheap Powerful Chromebook 11″ – Acer C740 – November 2015

You might’ve read our post on the best cheap 11″ Chromebook. It talked about a great budget laptop at a great price. But what if you didn’t mind spending some extra money and wanted some more performance? Then check out the Acer C740. Priced at just $289 for the 4GB RAM version, it’s a killer machine at a killer price. This is the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for a cheap 11″ Chromebook that has stellar performance and can take almost anything you throw at it.

Why should you buy one?

What about the cons?

Anyways, if you think you might be interested in one, head on over to Amazon where you can read more specs, reviews, and order if you want!

Posted NOV 12TH 2015

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